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Proud Member of International Code Council


We believe in:

  • Helping those in need in our community
  • Helping schools that can’t afford bleacher safety
  • A conscious plan for GREEN business

CASA McHenry CountyThose in Need

BR Bleachers proudly supports CASA of McHenry County.

Every day, abused and neglected children in our community are taken
from their homes and placed into temporary foster care because their parents cannot—or will not—take care of them. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of McHenry County works to help these children find safe, permanent homes where they can thrive. CASA volunteers make a life-long difference for children, one child at a time.

Schools in Need

Every year BR Bleachers identifies a school that can not afford bleacher safety services due
to unique challenges and hardships.  Using our resources and talents, we help schools provide a safe bleacher environment when they otherwise could not.

GREEN Business

BR Bleachers is a member of the United States Green Building Council and believes in making business a GREEN’er place.  Here are some of the many GREEN initiatives we practice:

The Environment in our Environment...Bleachers

  • BR Bleachers helps schools each year maintain their bleacher systems. 
    This proactive approach:
    • adds years to a bleacher systems safety and operation life (sustainable)
    • decreases carbon footprint of manufacturing and shipping new bleacher replacement systems
    • deters unnecessary waste of the existing bleacher (landfill smart)
    • preserves school capital

The Environment in General

  • Fleet tire & battery recycling (from our trucks, trailers and cars)
  • General battery recycling (from our office, power tools, cameras, etc.)
  • General recycling (plastic, paper, aluminum, etc.)
  • Diminishing eWaste (computers, printers, cell phones, etc.)
  • Printing less, using electronic media more
  • GREEN vendor requests
  • Repurposed products, parts and bleacher boards
  • Scrap steel recycling program
  • Water based paints & stains
  • And growing....

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